Criteria For Sorting Your Crafts

The plan is to have a garage sale this fall. That's the plan anyway. With so much stuff collected over the years, there's enough to fill the garage, the driveway and probably half the yard. Can you have a garage sale and a yard sale at the same time?

The plan is also to try to sell some of my extra crafting supplies. It's like attempting to pull your own teeth to get me to part with paper, die cuts or even some stamps, but I believe the time has come. Especially if someone else will actually use them and I can make a little mad money.

But how do you make decisions about your passion? Selling some of it would be like selling one of the girls, so here are my rules for what I'm keeping and what's going.

Rule #1 - I will not pull it out all at once. That would be overwhelming and I would probably cry. In my distressed state I would decide to sell the whole kaboodle and regret it later. Instead, I've been sorting a little bit at a time and thinking long and hard about each bag/box/shelf/drawer. This prevents stress and rash decisions.

Rule #2 - I will not use the "But I have a plan for it" excuse. Many of my paper crafting supplies have been with me for about 10 years. If I haven't used them by now, I never will. Tools are not included in this category, but paper, stickers, stamps, thread, glitter, etc. are all fair game.

Rule #3 - If I don't have room to store it neatly, it's going. I don't have room for 27 plastic bins or even one more set of rolling drawers. If I can't organize it in such a way that it fits in the current space and is easily accessible, then it needs to find a new home.

Rule #4 - If this item would make someone else happy and productive, let them have it! If there is someone willing to stop at my house, look through my craft supplies, offer me money for them and then actually use them, why wouldn't I want to put them in the sale? No one can see them in a bag in the closet, but this person might be able to make something absolutely lovely with them. How unfair of me to deny someone else a little crafting joy.

There is already a growing box of craft supplies in the garage ready to be priced. However, there is also a lot of work left to do in the craft room. At least, with the rules I have in place, I don't have to cry...too much. Have I already sorted out the tissue box?


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