Repurpose What You Already Have For Your Home Decor

Why do we scour the sale papers looking for new decorating pieces for our home? Why do we think we have to save up tons of money to make a cozy haven? Why can't we just look at what we already own in different ways?

That means being creative and finding new uses for pieces we've used before. This picture is a serving dish a dear friend got me for my birthday. It's intended for food and would look great with some snacks in it - but what about filling it with my favorite decorations and using it as a centerpiece?

I've shown you this metal bundt pan before, decorated with rocks and tiny battery-operated candles. This is another favorite piece simply because it's something special, different and made with my own ideas.

What could you do with:
* an antique basket?
* a child-sized wooden chair?
* glass bowls in several sizes?
* scraps of your favorite fabric?
* all the silk flowers you have packed away?

Sometimes you happen to have a flash of creativity. Since there's no ice cream in the house right now, this sherbet dish can be used at individual place settings to create a summer theme. Fill the dish with stones or jewels, then cover the top with a piece of paper. Flip it over onto the table and slide the paper out.

What do you already have in your home, that you're not using, that would make a great:
* centerpiece?
* wall hanging?
* mantle runner?
* basket filler?
* curtain tie-back?
* conversation piece?


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