Bailey Makes Me Laugh

Danny stuck his head back out of the car window. I thought I was getting another kiss goodbye, but instead he gave the Bailey dog some parting advice.

"Make Mommy laugh today, OK Big Dog?"

I was having a terrible day and it was only 7:30. Not the way to start things off. And knowing I wouldn't see Danny again until supper just added a little extra gloom. So the need to laugh was incredible, and he knew exactly who could help with that while he was gone.

Well, Bailey took her instruction to heart and spent the day making me smile, laugh, chuckle, giggle and feel immensely better.

* She always chases the birds and squirrels out of the back yard, making the same patrol around the fence. Then she'll sit under the tree, guarding the area.

* She body-checks her sister while we're on our walks every morning...repeatedly. I'm not quite sure why, but it makes me smile every time.

* If she's not done getting her ears scratched, she'll pin my hand to the floor before I can move away.

* She watches you move around the room without moving her head - just her eyes. It feels like one of those creepy paintings from a horror movie.

* She would much rather you scratch her just above the tail than anywhere else on her body. So she'll move herself very strategically to be right where she wants you.

* No matter where she is in the house or yard, she can hear the cabinet door where her treats are stored. Then you hear the pounding of elephant feet trying to get there as quickly as possible.

* Apparently sleeping upside down is much more comfortable than on her side. Plus her belly is more accessible...just in case you want to rub it for a minute as you pass by.

Not a day goes by that Bailey doesn't make me laugh in one way or another. What are your pet's little quirks?


  1. Your dog sounds just like mine. I have a ten-year-old beagle and a four-year-old shepherd. The beagle is pretty laid back, but she will position herself to have her hind end scratched. My shepherd is very lively and is usually the one who causes me to laugh. He has several quirks, but one of my favorites is his excitement dance. He jumps, twirls, smiles and howls every time he gets really happy about something. I'm so thankful for both my dogs. They keep life interesting.

  2. Well, it is the only spot they can't really reach themselves...

    When life gets tough and you feel a little down, there are only two things you need: your Bible and a dog at your feet.

    Thanks for visiting, Dana!


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