Back To School Tag

'Tis the season for the kids to head back to school. We had the sweetest prayer time with the students in our church on Sunday morning. It puts crafters in the mood to pull out the primary colors and do something special for the children.

This tag is a multi-functional piece that you can do just about anything with. Decorate it and personalize it for your little one and let them know that they're in your heart.

You'll need:
Card stock in multiple colors
Templates, stickers, etc
Circle cutter

1. Choose your focal point items. I used a crayon and an apple, each drawn with a template and cut out with scissors.

2. Make two circles in layered sizes using your circle cutter. If you don't have one, find two cups or dishes in slightly different sizes. Then adhere them together in a cute overlapping.

3. Print, stamp or write your sentiment on a coordinating color. Adhere in the middle and embellish as you'd like.

You can use these tags for any number of sweet messages.

* Tuck one in a lunch bag.
* Have it waiting with their after-school snack.
* Put it in their textbook or book bag.
* Punch a hole in the top and tie it onto crayons, pencils, notebook rings or a zipper.
* Lay it in the back seat for when you take them home.
* Make sure you write a special note on the back!


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