Power And Influence

I was reading an article recently about the most powerful women in the world. They were the heads of politics, business and organizations with reach and influence far and wide. To summarize their opinion, these women were chosen for this list based on the world's view of power and position. But here are a few questions to put things into God's perspective.

* Who has more influence, a CEO or a Sunday School teacher?

* Who has the further reach, a country's dignitary or a family that gives to missions?

* Who has the power, a billionaire or a woman who spends her mornings in Bible study?

* Who will be remembered longer, an entertainer or a faithful church member?

* Who will have more impact, the head of a media organization or a mother who constantly reflects Christ?

* Who will make a lasting difference, a business tycoon or the mother who prays daily for her children?

* Who knows what true power is, a vice president of industry or the woman who studies God's Word?

* Who knows what questions to ask, a talk show host or the woman who is seeking God's wisdom?

* Who knows what has eternal value, the chairwoman or the woman who desires God's will in her life?

You can be saved and be a leader, if that's the Lord's plan for your life. But when we put our world positions in eternal perspective, where are our priorities?


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