The Reason We’re Taking Fewer Deer Pictures This Year

This year we have two big bucks on the property, along with several does and a few yearlings. Someone asked me about our deer this week because she hadn’t seen me posting pictures of them like I have in the past. Well, the reason is because most of the pictures I have look like this one.

These are the deer pictures I love to take - sweet, spotted fawns with those big ears and eyes. I’d happily post pictures of these darlings all year long.

But this is how many of them have turned out because they’re taken through the glass of the sliding door. It’s not just because I’m lazy and won’t open the door to take a picture. It’s because we have four dogs who are guarding the back yard with supreme dedication.

I’ve long said that I think the deer think Molly is an indoor deer. When she’s standing at the window, they just stare back, wondering how she gets to be inside where it’s warm and they’re out in the elements. She is the same size and color, so I wonder if she thinks they look like her, too.

The problem with protective dogs is that they keep watch through every window, and they notice immediately if something moves across their property. So by the time I grab my camera and get to the door, they’ve already headed for the hills, literally. 

So for the moment, you’ll have to appreciate these blurry, distant, funny photos of our deer. Maybe the puppies will mellow with age and decide it’s ok for the bucks to bring their families here. Or maybe we’ll resort to using trail cams instead. Time will tell.


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