DIY Thanksgiving Gift Bag Tags

What do you do with a box full of fall craft supplies at the end of the season? You make the most adorable gift bag tags ever and take them to the church on Wednesday night for all the kids!

We filled the bags with fall treats, candy, stickers, a few toys and some school supplies, then tied it all up with baker’s twine. They turned out great, and the kids absolutely loved them!

To make some tags of your own, start by dumping out every single fall-themed paper craft supply you can find onto the table. If you’re like me, this took a while in itself, but it was totally worth it.

To make the closure, fold the top down twice and crease it. Punch two small holes through all three layers, making them evenly from the edges. Cut a length of baker twine - or whatever you have that you want to use up - and tie the bag closed.

Cut a piece of decorator paper into a tag shape that fits the size of your bag. I’ve had these orange bags for at least a year, so apparently I was saving them for just such an occasion.

Since you’re using all the bits and pieces that you find in your supply stash, every tag will be unique and original. Create layers and color combinations and lots of textures - have fun and get creative!

My finished products! I was able to use so many embellishments, mixing and matching them on 15 tags for 15 bags. Make sure you share photos with me of the bags and tags you make!


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