My Last Fall Planner Layouts Of The Year

It’s hard to believe that this Thursday is Thanksgiving. That means we’ll be just a week away from December. Wow. What a year so far, right? So in honor of this week of thanks and giving, I made my last fall planner layout of the year. I’ve been finishing so many other autumn projects that I’m literally down to the nitty gritty of supplies, but I love the way these pages turned out.

I’ve had these arrows in my stash for at least 3-4 years. I’ve used some of them in my Bible journaling, but most of them were still attached. Apparently they were made for this layout because they’re the perfect color combination and size for some planner accents. I also adore this quote about gratitude making us joyful - I’ve seen this in my own life recently as I’ve been more diligent in keeping my gratitude journal, and I’ve personally seen what a difference being thankful makes.

Friday will be Day 2 of my four-day weekend, and I’m all set to fill this page with books I’m reading, Bible study I’m working through and fun projects I want to tackle. No, I probably won’t go Black Friday shopping, but the sticker was too cute to resist! I’m sad to see the fall season fade away, but I’m also very excited to start Advent and the Christmas season. I pray our hearts are full of gratitude this week, and that we’re looking forward with hope and anticipation for the Christmas that is coming.


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