My “Ways To Use Huge Images” Planner Layouts

Some of my favorite images would look really silly if I shrunk them down. They’d be difficult to read, blurry at best and possibly upside down, who knows. So this week I decided to use several of those large images and show you some ways you can do the same. They’re perfect for full, blank pages intended for note taking. Layering them is a must!

And it’s totally ok to let them hang off the edges of your page. You can either trim the off, or it might be pretty to not trim them and have some of those elements visible when your planner is closed. I trimmed all the edges of this spread.

Larger images can also be used to cover up pre-printed sections in your planner. I’m not a big fan of the “notes” and hearts on my pages, so I try to find fun, new ways to cover them up in an undercover kind of way. Get creative!

I’m such a word nerd, and I couldn’t resist combining these four huge images with three small phrases to create a balanced layout in so many pretty colors. With these embellishments taking up so much space, you don’t need anything else to clutter things up. With these large, beautiful images in place, it’ll be so easy to get through the week! What large images do you have stored up that you can pull out this weekend?


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