My “Does December Really Start This Week???” Planner Layouts

So I turned the page in my planner this weekend and saw the strangest thing. It was a new monthly spread. And there’s only one left, which means it must be for December. I’m not sure how that’s possible, but I went ahead and pulled out all my December and Christmas-themed planner bits. These tiny garlands, stars and branches were just in between the larger phrases and images in my sticker books, and they worked perfectly for the month spread.

I didn’t realize how many Christmas and winter stickers I had until I pulled them out and put them all in one place. It was super simple to make everything coordinate on these list pages, and I was actually inspired to create some layouts I’ve never tried before. It would be neat to have snow on the ground here to match my pages, but since it was 65 and sunny yesterday, I doubt that will happen.

Since I don’t use a Happy Planner but have Happy Planner stickers, I normally use them as center borders on my weekly pages. I added some extra journal blocks here, too, with plenty of white space to keep track of the month’s busyness.

I turned this spread into a fun bucket list with some of my favorite things. It probably won’t take me too long to get them all checked off!

Oh my goodness, I am absolutely in love with this grumpy polar bear. He’s the focal point of these pages, along with his little wolf and seal friends. Add in a snowman, some snow globes and a scattering of hearts, and these are the sweetest pages ever!

Do you have any sheets of stickers that have been in your collection for absolutely forever? I think I’d been saving these two nativities for a special occasion, and I can’t think of an occasion more special than Christmas 2021. 

And then I turned the page, and it was New Year’s Eve! That puts the year into perspective, doesn’t it? I love black and gold and sparkle and shine for the end of the year, and we definitely need all those things right now, don’t we?

Switching from weekly to daily layouts, I combined die cuts, stickers and borders from several different sets to start the month off right. Sometimes I get into this frame of mind that I need to use all of one set on one page, but it’s so much fun to mix and match and create something totally unique.

This is possibly my favorite planner layout for the entire year. These two hot cocoa puffy sticker sets - one small and one large - remind me so much of those puffy stickers we got as little girls growing up in the 1980s. The coordinating washi tape says “Stay Warm.” Way too cute, right? (Spoiler alert: there may be a similar page later in the month.)

For this December, I decided to use my winter/Santa/Christmas tree sets Monday through Friday, and then use my faith sets on the weekends. This Saturday/Sunday spread uses Illustrated Faith die cuts from a few years ago that are all metallic and shiny. And the best part is that prayer on Sunday: Help me keep my heart on you this Christmas. Amen. That’s more important than anything else this holiday season. I just want more Jesus this Christmas. Have an amazing start to your December this week!


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