My “Favorite Things” Week Of Planner Layouts

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a rough few weeks. Some things are out of my control, but there are still many things I can do to stay encouraged and motivated. While it may sound silly, my planner is one of those things I have control over. So this week I filled it with more than a few of my favorite things. You’ll notice on Monday’s spread that there are four puppies - one for each of my puppers! Oh, and books. Those too. All of that makes me smile.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll get to make my plans around coffee and donuts and cupcakes … oh my! Now I’m just getting hungry. There are three different sticker sets on these two pages, but they go together really well. These make me smile.

I’m absolutely certain that I’ve had these bear orchestra stickers since I was a little girl. (BEAR orchestra, not nekkid musicians, I promise.) I mixed them in with some washi tape, music notes from a Faith sticker book and a new set of number stickers for this melodious spread. These make me smile.

And over the weekend, I’ll be reminded of the foundations of my faith. I decided to put journal blocks on both pages, one for the three best things that happen next week, and one for my praise report - how many prayers God has answered and giving Him all the honor and glory for them. These make me smile, too. God’s word does that for me. What will you do this week that makes you smile?


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