Planner Layouts For The New Year

This year I decided to do something completely different in my Sunday posts. For several years I have been giving you a sketch you can use for cards, journals, whatever you create. This made sense because I was making so many new cards every single day. But now I’m creating bigger projects and trying some new things, so even though I still make a lot of cards, I have other priorities in the craft room.

So instead of Sunday Sketches like last year, I’ll be sharing my planner layouts for the upcoming week. If you know me at all, you know I never go anywhere without my planner. I love designing, decorating and planning, so sharing this love with you seems natural right now. I use a simple planner from a big-box store and a variety of stickers, die cuts and colors to make pages and layouts I actually want to look at every day.

My weekly pages have spots for Bible study notes, our meal plan and lots of encouragement and just plain fun. I’ve found I have most of the supplies I need to make these pages in my collection already, so add in a few planner packets of embellishments and leftovers from my Bible journaling stash, and I can create little works of art every weekend for the week to come. I hope you’ll see something fun and interesting on these pages, something you can use in your own planner or calendar. Enjoy!


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