Decorating With Vintage Christmas Ornaments

I had to smile when I walked into one of our local stores, Antiques & Uniques on Main Street. They had this beautiful display of vintage Christmas ornaments right inside the door, and I really didn’t want to go any further.

Some of them were very familiar, as though we must have had them when I was growing up. Others were new to me and absolutely lovely! I really just wanted to sweep them all into a bag and rush them home.

So what do you do with all those beautiful, classic ornaments once you get them home? Here are just a few ideas to get your decorating creativity jumpstarted.

* Fill a glass jar or vase with ornaments and tie on a pretty ribbon.

* Hang ornaments from ribbon in a antique picture frame with the glass removed.

* Attach them all around a greenery wreath.

* Decorate a small Christmas tree with all vintage ornaments.

* Fill a cupcake stand with antique tree ornaments and balls.

* Display them in a glass dome set in a circle of greenery.

* Tie them on presents with the bow or gift card.

* Design a shadow box with ornaments, decorations and Christmas wrapping paper.

* Hang them from garland and run it from window to window.

* Create a centerpiece using vintage Fenton glass filled with ornaments.

What are some ways you use your favorite ornaments in new and interesting ways?


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