My Office At Christmastime

"While the cat's away, the mice will play" has never been more true than in our office last week. While my boss was out of town for the holidays last week, I decorated the Convention & Visitors Bureau for Christmas from top to bottom. At this time last year I had only been working here for a few days, and the office was already decorated, so this year I dove right in.

Here's a before picture of our already-beautiful office in Bridge View Center. It's like an empty canvas just waiting for the brush strokes of Christmas!

And here's the after! I started with a wreath on the door, complete with red plaid ribbon and burlap bow. I grabbed more of that thick ribbon to use inside.

I needed it for the swag on the front of my desk. The burlap flowers you see are designed to hold the swag together, and they attach to the wall to keep it secure. What a great idea! I added some plain green garland and some floral picks to add more color and embellishments.

And, of course, Vegas gets a special place of honor with his own decorations. Vegas is the plush version of the real-life eagle that lives on the Des Moines River right behind Bridge View. We named him that because he loves to show off, flying as high and fast as he can, then dive bomb cars going over the bridge. If you live here or are passing through, look for him over the next few weeks, and make sure you come see the other holiday decorations we've recently added to the office!


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