Christmas Stories Hanging On The Tree

One of the best ways to share the story of your life and your family is to look at the ornaments hanging on your Christmas tree. The nativities, angels and stars on our tree share our faith and our hope during the Christmas season.

More than anything this holiday season, we need peace in our lives, in our hearts and in our homes. This peace is part of a set of ornaments that sparkle and shine with words of truth from the Scriptures. They stand out against the green of the tree and remind me of the real reason for the season - Christ Himself.

While Iw as working at a gift shop in Kentucky, I fell in love with Boyds Bears. This adorable moose is just one of the Boyds ornaments in my collection, and I love that his legs wiggle if you touch him. 

These two ornaments are in memory of Bailey and Sadie, my first two dogs ever. They were black lab mixes, both about four months apart and rescued from shelters in Kentucky. They travelled to Iowa with us, and both lived to be 14 years old. They're buried at the back of our property and have a special place on our tree.

This puppy is very different. I've had him since I was tiny, and I love his little hat and bells. On top of that, the puppy's shape fit perfectly in my little hand, so he was what I squeezed and loved on while I was getting my loose baby teeth pulled. He was there when I needed him, and he has been on my tree ever since.

A very special aunt made me this basket ornament more than 20 years ago. Not only is it handmade, which is precious to me, but I know she was thinking of me as she made it, wrapped it and gave it. That memory means more to me than anything.

A few years ago, this adorable little handmade hat was our Christmas card. I kept one to put on the tree, reminding us of all the friends and family who have it in their Christmas decorations now, too.

What special Christmas stories are hanging on your tree today?


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