Christmas Eve: Promising Not To Leave The Baby In The Manger

For the past few weeks we have been surrounded by images of the Nativity. We wait patiently (sometimes) for the day we can lay the baby Jesus figure into the manger, surrounded by barn animals and their caretakers. We celebrate the day of Jesus' birth and His decision to leave heaven and come to earth to walk among us. This is why we have Christmas Eve services and sing hymns of peace on earth, good will to men.

But we can't leave Jesus in the manger. We cherish the tiny babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, drawn to the miracle of birth and new life. But that life was given so Jesus could die on the cross for our sins. It sounds so ugly and violent, but Jesus Christ was born to die. His birth was perfect, His life was perfect and His death was perfect - designed by a Heavenly Father who loves us so much that He sent His Son to die.

In the midst of today's hustle and bustle, I pray you will take time to reread the Christmas story from the gospels of Matthew and Luke. But this time, read every line and every verse remembering that this peaceful scene depicted everywhere was only the start. We know the end of the story, and that makes the beginning that much more miraculous.


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