DIY Winter Window Upcycle

Would you believe I’ve had the supplies for making this beautiful upcycled window for more than a year, but I never put it together? Crazy, right? Especially when it lights up a room and makes me smile. And it’s a piece of art that I can keep out through the winter, too.

I knew that I wanted to make this snowy piece as soon as I saw the window in a friend’s shop downtown. It’s scuffed up a little, but that gives it amazing character. And I love the lock at the top and the handle at the bottom. I know, the hardware makes me happy ... 

The bottom is covered with fake spray snow specifically designed for this. You can find it in a spray can in the Christmas section of your favorite store. I used three coats to get the coverage and amount of fluff that I wanted. I’m not sure if “fluff” is a proper crafting term, but it totally works.

I used thick wire to attach the swag to the window frame. I would just like to add that I bought this swag (regularly $60) in an after-Christmas sale last year at 90% off. That means I paid exactly $6 plus tax. Yay!

A few wraps around the latch and the ends are secured together and tucked underneath. Trust me, this thing’s not going anywhere! And now I can cross this project off my to-do list, sit back and enjoy having it displayed for weeks to come.


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