Whatever Your Hand Finds To Do...

The verse jumped off the page at me as though it had a flashing neon sign on it. A woman had journaled this verse in her Bible and illustrated it in such beautiful letters, then posted it on social media with a passage from Charles Spurgeon.

But it was those words from Ecclesiastes 9: Whatsoever your hand findeth to do, do it with thy might...

Whatsoever means just that - whatsoever! Whatever I do today, whichever of the many hats that I wear I have on at that moment, I have a God-given directive to do it with all my might.

With all my might. With all my heart. With all my strength. With all my mind. With all my being.

There are many things on my daily to-do list that I don’t enjoy. They’re menial, sometimes trivial, often strenuous and all necessary. And I am to do them all with my might. Not just to get them done and get them checked off the list - but with my might.

What does that look like in real life?

When I’m preparing meals for the week, I should be planning and grocery shopping and fixing food with all my might. They should be healthy foods, purchased as economically as I can and fixed to the best of my ability. Yes, there are some days our meals are just refrigerator raids and you fend for yourself, But they’re always made with love and care when they’re made with all my might.

When I’m cleaning the house, I should be cleaning with my might. I always have a tendency to do just enough to make things presentable, but that’s just a shortcut. If I’m really putting my all into it, I’ll make things clean, safe and lovely to live in. Yes, there are days when I’m lucky to get the laundry folded and put away, let alone ironed or arranged like a picture in a magazine. But when I’m cleaning with my heart, I’m focused on doing my best for the Lord and for my family.

When I’m at work, at church or out in the community, I want to be working, worshipping and interacting with all my might. I don’t want to let any opportunity escape when I can live life to the fullest and share the Gospel every chance I have. That’s what doing something with my hand and doing it with my might means to me.

So I challenge you to live your daily life while thinking “Is this thing that my hand has found to do receiving my all? Am I doing it with my all, as unto the Lord? Or am I just trying to get it done so I can go on to something else.” With these questions in mind, we’ll clearly see our heart attitude and know if it’s time for a change!


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