Dogs: What They’re Really Thinking

It’s been more than two years since we became a three-dog household again. With a Great Dane and two black labs in the mix, there is so much personality to see and experience every day. Let me caption these photos so you can see exactly what they’re thinking. Diesel: I notice you have snacks. We also like snacks. And I also notice our bowls are empty. Please remedy this situation as quickly as possible.

Callie: I was about to fall asleep in yet another uncomfortable position, but then I heard Daddy come in. Now I will be awake for approximately 2.4 seconds before I doze off again.

Molly: OK, so we’re finally outside. I will now search this small patch of grass where I found a baby bunny the other day. I will spend approximately 10 minutes search this patch of grass, just to make sure it’s not still there. Although I can clearly see it is not still there.

Callie: If I pick on my brother from underneath this blanket, he’ll never know it was me. And he won’t see me coming! Diesel: Um, Mom, what is she doing? Does she honestly think I don’t know it’s her? Weird.


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