What Goes Up Definitely Comes Down

On our way home from Louisiana last week, we stopped in Branson for a day. It was an amazing end to a great vacation week, and we had some much-needed relaxation time. And I got to do something I’ve always wanted to do - zip line!

The zip line we chose starts right underneath the observation deck at Inspiration Point. It’s about half a mile long, and you end up going about 50 miles an hour once you get underway.

I had zip lined once before, at our yearly ladies meeting in Ventura, Iowa. For that one, though, it’s just a harness instead of a seat like this one, and you have to step off all by yourself. I ended up sitting down on the platform and scootching off the edge. Whatever works, right.

On last week’s zip line, we were all fastened in at the gate, then the doors sprang open and we were on our way. I only screamed for a moment, and then I laughed the rest of the way down. It was absolutely amazing! The view was incredible, and going so fast was exhilarating. It was even fun to be snagged at the end, like one last jolt to your system.

Even before the harness was off, I was ready to go again. A repeat trip is definitely in order. And this coming from the woman who has vertigo and a slight fear of heights! 


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