Creating A Business Idea Book

Part of my job at the convention and visitors bureau is to plan and create social media posts about Ottumwa, its attractions and its events. So much of my day is spent reading, writing and thinking about how to show people, many of whom have never been here, what’s so great about our town. That’s where this idea book came from - because we all need a little inspiration ever now and then.

The book is filled with posts, pictures and captions that I’ve seen on other people’s sites and absolutely fell in love with. I cut them out, label and mark them up with wsays I want to make them my own, and then decorated ... just because I can. It makes me happy.

I have this fun notebook that came in one of my Confetti Collection subscription boxes, and I’ve already filled it with pictures, quotes and ideas. On those days when I’m struggling to come up with ideas of my own, I just open up this book, do a little reading and then create something fun and new to showcase what’s happening locally.

Another reason I love this book is because it translates perfectly to our Etsy business. It’s fun to see what other creative businesses are doing and figure out ways to make it something new and fun for Stuff From Trees. Inspiration comes in many forms, and this book, which is already filled to the brim, is a fun way to make something amazing. What would you fill your inspiration book with?


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