Turn Your Paper Scraps Into Mini Cards

I’m going out on a limb here, but I would guess that if you’re a paper crafter, you have a stash of scraps somewhere. You feel terrible just throwing out those little bits left over from a really great project, so you put them in a box, bag or stack somewhere. Am I right? Today we’re going to pull out that collection of bits and pieces and put them to good use in these tiny cards.

As you may remember from THIS POST about how I make several projects out of one piece of paper, I end up with stacks upon stacks of 2.25 inch-square mini cards while I’m making larger cards because of the way I cut them. These become the card stock for my sets of mini cards. All I need to do is gather up colored card stock, decorator paper scraps, small embellishments and some fun fibers.

Then I decorate to my heart’s content. It’s so nice to have the card stock already cut, so all I have to do is the creative part. And with a tiny square as my canvas, I get a real sense of accomplishment as I finish each little work of art. What scraps do you ave saved up that you could turn into little cards? Imagine all the people you could encourage with your hand-written message in these tiny cards. The possibilities are endless! 


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