When “God’s Been Good” Doesn’t Seem Like Enough

There’s nothing better for setting your mind and your heart back in place than a song service and testimony time with your church family. A few times a year, we have one special service devoted entirely to praising God and sharing how good He’s been in our lives.

But good doesn’t seem to be the right word. It doesn’t seem like enough. Not in these situations.

A woman battling cancer is seeing improvements after being sick this winter. God is blessing her body and her mind at the same time.

A charter member of the church rejoices when he sees this extended family praying for one another and caring for each other. God is bringing us together.

An elderly couple thank the church for their prayers when they’re not able to travel to church every single week because of their failing health. God is convicting our hearts to turn to Him in prayer.

Several people talk about how they’ve been helped physically, lifted spiritually and calmed mentally in terrible situations. God is moving and working in wonderful ways in each and every one of us.

And everyone gets a chance to request their favorite hymn. The sanctuary is filled with voices blending together in harmony. The words seem sweeter and the melodies brighter on this afternoon. God is changing us one song at a time.

As I look down our pew, I quietly pray for each teenager sitting there. They request songs, they sing together and they smile and cry with the congregation around them. I couldn’t be more proud of these young adults. They all have hearts for God, and I thank Him for instilling that in them. It’s all Him.

Oh yes, God’s been good. He’s been more than good. And I’m more than grateful.


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