Egg Carton Mini Cupcakes

Today I’m going to share part 2 of my mini-series about how to use egg cartons in fun ways this spring. Yesterday we talked about gift giving - if you haven’t read that post yet, do that here.

And now we go from tiny gifts to gifts of food. Fill your egg carton with mini cupcakes decorated with spring colors! You can make half an egg carton (6 eggs) for a widow, widower or someone else who lives alone. A 12-count carton is perfect for a couple or a small family, and a carton of 18 cupcakes, like the one pictured here, would be great for a large family.

Mini cupcakes take about 2/3 the time to bake as regular cupcakes, so time them accordingly. They also need paper wrappers, as they tend to stick to the baking tin sides.

Once they’re called completely, layer on the frosting and your favorite decorations. Here I used nonpareils, pink sanding sugar and spring sprinkles. The more frosting the better, obviously, but remember that you’re going to be closing the lid, and you don’t want to ruin all that decoration.

Here’s another hint about the timing of your gift: You’ll notice that the egg carton has holes in the lid. This is a good thing for eggs, but not so much for cupcakes. Either give the gift box immediately after decorating them or store the cupcakes in an air-tight container until the last minute. Otherwise they’ll dry out very quickly and not be nearly as tasty.


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