Spring On The Carrel Wildlife Preserve

It is very slowly and deliberately becoming spring on the Carrell Wildlife Preserve. After a long, cold winter, even the slightest flash of green brings a smile to my face.

We had quite a bit of brush along the driveway cut back by utility workers a few months ago, but what's still there is turning green again. They reseeded those portions they removed, so I'm excited to see what the result of that will be.

We haven't planted any plants or flowers yet this year, so these tiny violets absolutely made my day.

 Since most of our property is wooded, it's so much fun to watch them turn green every spring. I love this shade of green - that light and airy color that gives hope of warmer days to come.

And, of course, the wildlife loves spring, too. The turtles have been hibernating under the ice for months, so they're delighted to come out and sit in the sun. The coyotes, deer, turkeys, otters, muskrats and many other animals are enjoying the sunshine, too.

These two trees right outside the dining room window are very possibly my favorite trees on the entire property. And seeing them in this beautiful light green reminds me that they'll be full and dark in days to come. Thank you, Lord, for the promises of spring.


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