My Bullriders Of America Finals Scrapbook Page

If you've ever tried to create a scrapbook layout with a large piece of memorabilia, like a program or a signed photo, you know how difficult that can be. It's way too bulky to adhere to the page, or it takes up too much room or you won't be able to open it once you get it in place. And all of that stifles the creative process, right? Today we're going to create a pocket page that will solve all your problems.

For my page, I used the program, photos and tickets from the Bullriders of America finals in February. I also chose a piece of 12x12 textured card stock, a 12x12 denim patterned paper and some die cut embellishments. Add a handful of metal brads to the pile and you have all the components of a great scrapbook page.

I trimmed the denim paper down so there was a 1/2-inch margin on the sides and the bottom. I took more off the top to make the pocket. The denim paper is then tacked down with metal brads on three sides. This creates a sturdy pocket with the opening at the top.

The program now tucks in, out of the way, leaving the whole page blank for your layout. Trimming down the denim leaves enough space at the top so you still see the program is there, and having it at the top makes it easily accessible.

Then I decorated to my heart's content. I love having the textured journal blocks, and my favorite picture of Danny giving kids the bullriders experience is front and center. This layout was much easier to make without a big program to work around, and the tickets are securely in place, not laying around to get lost.

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