Reasons Christian Women Need Ladies Retreats

What a blessing to have 14 sweet sisters in Christ go to a ladies retreat this weekend. There’s something special about gathering as women to worship and learn that grows and knits us together.

Why attend a ladies meeting? Oh my goodness ... here are just a few reasons why they’re so important.

* Time spent together draws you together. Even just a few hours with friends over a weekend creates strong bonds that stand the test of time.

* Hearing different women speak gives you new perspective. Even if you’re not familiar with the women chosen as speakers for the retreat, you might gain new perspective into Scriptures.

* Breaking the monotony of your routine always feels good. Go somewhere new and meet new Christian friends. Pick up one of the speaker’s books and learn something new. Start a new lesson or study based on the theme of the conference.

* Fellowship for the journey. Stick a bunch of ladies in a van or bus for a while and enjoy the stories, fun and conversations that come from it. You never know what you might learn about your sisters in Christ that you never knew.

* Get some ideas for your own retreat. Write your own version of their skits. Take pictures of their decorations and make a few changes for your next meeting. Make their schedule of events a pattern for your church’s ladies weekend. Try something new and make it your own.

* You’ll be an influence on the next generation. Invite the younger girls and mothers in your church to go with you. You’ll all learn something, and you’ll begin instilling in them the importance of gathering together to learn about God and praise Him for what He’s doing in your lives.


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