A Graduation Gift Explosion Box

One of my favorite people is having her graduation party this weekend, and I have a very special gift to give her. This explosion box is filled with pictures from her graduation ceremony and the people she loves. I can't wait to give it to her!

 Explosion boxes are scrapbooks in a box. The lid keeps the 12 pages in place, along with a fun surprise in the middle - this time a fluffy bow in her high school colors. For my directions on how to make an explosion box, click here.

I arranged the photos in Pages and sized them 1/4 inch smaller than the pages they were made for. So for example, the pictures for the 3-inch square pages are sized to 2 3/4 inches square. Then I printed them on white card stock and cut them out, attaching them with double-stick tape.

Now she will have 12 photos in her explosion box, and the backs of the eight inner pages are blank so she can add more. 

What fun ways and occasions can you picture for an explosion box of your own?


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