5 Ways To Jumpstart Your Creativity

Being a very practical person, I love lists. Give me a place to cross things off and I'm tickled pink. I don't do well with abstract thoughts or vague ideas. I like everything in order and in its place.

But when my creative well has run dry, there's no practical way to get it back.

When I asked a group of friends on Etsy how I could jumpstart my creativity, I wasn't sure what responses I would get. These are some of the most creative people ever, and I was excited to read what their solutions to my problem were.

The five suggestions they had blew me out of the water. They weren't focused on reorganizing, reading a particular book or listening to a certain podcast. From their own experiences, these were the ways they wanted me to get plugged in to the Source of creativity Himself.

1. Read the Bible under a tree, take a walk in the woods or sit outside by a fire pit and pray.

2. Hit reset by returning to the simple ways of life. The pressures of the world come down and make things harder than God's plan for you.

3. Pray and ask God to help you create and make something great today. He can do what we can't, and we can't do anything creative without Him.

4. Stop, reflect and wait. Words, ideas and motivation will come if you don't push it.

5. Breathe in the good, exhale the love. Repeat this until you slow down or life slows down, whichever comes first.

I pray these suggestions give you a jumping-off point to reboot your own creativity. Let me know what's worked best for you and what you're doing next with all that creative energy.


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