The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Husband

Today is Danny's birthday, and it's such a blessing to spend a whole day celebrating him! There are many fun things scheduled for the day - some he knows about and some he doesn't. The secrets make me happy!

But the best birthday present that any woman can give her husband is the gift of prayer. Whether his special day is coming up soon or isn't for several months, it's the perfect time to load him up with eternal blessings.

* Pray that he will have a desire to grow spiritually, in some way, every day.

* Pray for his strength and endurance when he's at work.

* Pray for God's guidance in making daily decisions.

* Pray that God will protect him from temptation and always show him a way out.

* Pray for his eyes to be opened to the joyful moments around him.

* Pray that his heart will be focused on God's will for your husband, your marriage and your home.

* Pray that he will live with integrity and share his testimony with those around him.

And that's just a few to start with. Add your own prayers, ones specific to your husband, and watch how the Lord moves in his life.

I love you, sweetheart!


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