Children's Book Page Banners

 When I asked the church congregation for Little Golden Book donations, I didn't tell them why. All I said was the teen girls Bible study was going to use them for a couple of crafts. These adorable buntings were the first project - the second will happen in the spring.

There is a simple way to make these pennant banners, and it starts with breaking down the book. In order to save the covers, gently pull back the pages and loosen the staples. More on that here.

Once the pages are separated, cut a triangle of cardboard the same width as the top of the page. The bottom point is measured to the middle of width of the page and as far down as you would like. Move the template over the page so the best part of the picture will be used.

Then all you do is punch holes in the top corners of each triangle and run a coordinating ribbon through. A large knot at the ends will hold them in place. The bunting I made is from a children's prayer book and is hanging in the church nursery. 

Now I can't wait until spring to show you what we're going to do with the covers!


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