The Four Craft Fix-It Tools You Absolutely Need

When we go back and forth to craft shows, it's inevitable that something is going to get creased, broken or slightly mangled. I could wrap everything in bubble wrap and something would still need a little fixing.

That's why I never go anywhere without these four tools of the trade. I can fix almost anything with them, as long as the pieces didn't get lost in transit - I'm not a magician.

My four favorite fix-its:

1. Glue dots. They can be cut to any size and have incredible sticking power. When embellishments shift or end up in the bottom of the box, a little glue dot goes a long way.

2. Non-stick scissors. For cutting the glue dots, obviously. If you've ever had scissors that are completely gummed from sticky adhesive, those days are long gone with this pair. The trimmed-down dots peel right off without leaving any residue - it stays on the dot where you need it.

3. Glue pen. While I am a huge proponent of double-stick tape, I would be lost without my glue pen. It has a chiseled point that is perfect for getting in small spaces, something I can't do with tape. When corners of paper lift up while traveling or get caught on each other when they're stacked in the box, a quick line of glue from this pen and it's right back in place.

4. Tweezers. Don't bother trying to get your fingers to pinch tiny corners of paper or itty bitty embellishments when you're in the middle of a show. It's a waste of time and incredibly embarrassing. Instead, a pair of tweezers will do the tiny jobs for you. Plus, you'll look like a professional who knows exactly what she's doing - and wouldn't that be great?


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