Fall For All Your Senses

Stop whatever you're doing and think about fall for a minute. Here in early November, we often skip over autumn and Thanksgiving to go straight to Christmas. Don't do it. Don't even think about it for the next few minutes. Instead, think about how to experience fall with all your senses.

 With your eyes:
* The changing colors
* Animals storing their winter food
* The lights inside as it gets dark earlier
* The sunshine on the leaves

With your ears:
* The crunch of the ground underfoot
* Leaves blowing across the yard
* Wind in the trees
* Owls hooting at night
* Coyotes in the distance

With your nose:
* Cinnamon and sugar
* A late-night bonfire
* Cookies in the oven
* Hot apple cider
* Pumpkin pancakes with maple syrup

With your mouth:
* Warm cookies
* Cranberry sauce
* Turkey right out of the oven
* Your favorite potatoes
* Pie in every flavor

With your fingers:
* Dry leaves that crumble
* Prickly straw bales
* The skin of a pumpkin
* Scratchy burlap


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