Deep Waters And Flowing Brooks

Water is a focal point of our property. We enjoy the ponds from the window. We fish in them. We hike around them. And they're one of the main reasons we live where we live.

God has set nature up in a very special way when it comes to water:
The little pond empties into the big pond.
The big pond empties into the creek, despite the beaver's best efforts.
The creek flows down the edge of our property toward the highway.

The ponds are silent, not gushing and troubled waters. They calm the soul and lift the spirits. They aren't bottomless, but they hold enough water that they won't run dry in normal, everyday life.

The water from the ponds replenishes the creek, keeping it filled and moving. The creek is clear and fresh, always flowing. It flows naturally because there is always something good in it, because of the water that empties into it on a regular basis.

The words of a man's mouth are as deep waters, and the wellspring of wisdom as a flowing brook. Proverbs 18:4

Pleasant thoughts and words are stored up until they overflow, covering everyone around them. Solomon writes that the uplifting words we speak are deep and uncontainable. They will flow naturally, calming and soothing the hearts we speak to. The Lord is the never-ending source of peace and joy that refills our hearts and minds with the perfect words to pass on to others, so listen closely and get ready to share a thought straight from God Himself.

We don't know exactly where the creek goes when it leaves our property, but it will water other land as it moves along. Likewise, we don't know where our good words will end up either, because they will be passed along from person to person long after we've spoken them. Think about the legacy of words that have traveled from your mouth to people down the street and around the world.

Every time you open your mouth today, decide that you will be the deep water that replenishes the flowing brook. Then watch as they travel downstream, providing living water for all who will hear them.


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