Square Candy Gift Wrappers

I have one more craft show coming up in just three weeks, and I'm putting together a couple of Christmas projects to take with me. It may not look like much on the outside, being just two inches square, but inside is something special.

Start with a 6-inch square of paper. My chocolate square was just under 2 inches, so I multiplied that times three and added a smidgen. (Yep, that's my math right there.)

Cut out 2-inch squares from each corner. Keep those squares handy, as you'll be using them for something else later.

When you flip the paper over, the square of chocolate should easily fit in the middle. If not, just increase the size by a fraction and cut it out again.

Since these are quick and easy to make, you can put together several at a time and mix and match your papers. I have these made in two colors, so I cut the squares of red down by a 1/4 of an inch on two sides and matted them inside the green wrapper. Double stick tape keeps the ends of the chocolate tucked under and adheres it to the wrapper.

Fold the sides in first, then the bottom and finally the top.

You can tie it closed with ribbon and a tag, or you can make a paper ribbon to bring it all together. Just cut a small strip of coordinating paper, trim it to wrap around with a little overlap and adhere the ends.

Cover the seam where the paper strip overlaps with a sticker or other cute image.


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