What Happened When I Gave Up Pinterest For A Week

Now, I love Pinterest as much as the next person, but let me tell you why I walked away for seven whole days.

1. I was starting to rely on it instead of enjoy it. If I had a question, I looked it up by searching Pinterest. If I wanted a recipe, I went to Pinterest. When I needed inspiration, I checked Pinterest first. When I was bored...I think you understand.

2. It was actually making me feel depressed about my spiritual life. This was the main reason I had to back off. My feed is full of Scripture, inspirational quotes and links to some amazing women speakers and bloggers. But all of these tools that were supposed to be lifting me up and encouraging me were instead making me feel like everybody else has it all together because I don't feel like those quotes all of the time.

3. I was using it as my go-to instead of as an addition. I came to the realization that I wasn't in my actually paper-and-ink Bible nearly as much as I once was. Instead of reading and studying several books at a time alongside my Bible at the kitchen table, there were moments of time during the day that I would just catch up on my Pinterest feed, read the new quotes and call that good. Not a good substitute, I'll tell you that.

That being said, I had an amazing week. I looked up recipes from my hand-written cookbook that I started many years ago. I read books. I studied by Bible - the Bible itself, not a program. I watched some great classic television shows. I even looked for a couple of craft projects that I knew were somewhere in my craft room - and I found them, rather than looking for something new.

I'm not giving up my Pinterest app, I just understand now that it's about moderation. I also have to find a balance between browsing to find fun things and deciding that have to find this-number of new pins today. It's not a serious endeavor, just a way to stretch your creativity and point you in a direction to live your own life, not a Pinterest-perfect life.


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