Build A Handmade Card With Square Tiles

A fun way to use up paper scraps and lots of those spare embellishments is to put them together with "inchies," small squares of paper that are used like tiles on your cards.

Start with white card stock fold in half for your card. Using the card's measurements, cut the number of squares that will fit. For example: my card measuring 4.5x6.25 inches. Six squares measuring 1.75 inches will fit in this shape. Make them smaller or larger depending on how many you want to fit on the face of the card.

Choose your background color.

Then use the squares to cut out pieces of decorator paper. You can either cover the card stock squares to make them thicker and stand out not he paper more, or you can just use them as a template to cut out a single layer of decorator paper. try it both ways and see which you like better.

And this is my favorite part. Pull out those trays, bags and boxes of embellishments you've saved up and have fun. You can put one in each square, layer smaller scraps of paper, leave a space in the middle for a sentiment...the possibilities are truly endless.

Once they're done, you might want to package up a few to give as gifts or use them for your holiday cards. Who wouldn't love to receive a handmade card with your hand-written message in their mailbox this week?


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