A Special Gift For Your Favorite Baker

We are having such a wonderful time preparing for our church's upcoming ladies retreat. The first of the decorations are already up, and the sign-up sheet for jobs and donations is almost full.

And now I'm concentrating on door prizes! We're only doing a few this year so we can focus on the real reason we're gathering - to hear God's word. The gifts we've already been putting together are so much fun, and it will be such a joy to give them out that Friday night and Saturday morning.

Two lovely ladies will be receiving these adorable baker's gift bags. It's filled with all sorts of fun tools, treats and supplies to make time in the kitchen a little more special.
To make one yourself, all you need are oven mitts, cookie mix packages, a couple of kitchen tools, a cookie cutter and curling ribbon.

From there, you can get as creative as you like. You could tuck a cloth napkin or dishcloth in the bottom of the mitt, add some frosting or tuck in a bottle of sprinkles. Choose things that the recipient wouldn't normally buy for herself.
Then start filling your oven mitt, beginning with the fingers and working your way up. Tuck in everything except the cookie cutter with just a little bit peeking out the top for a tease.

Finish off your gift by tying the cookie cutter around the oven mitt and curling up the ends. 


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