Prayer Walk Your Husband

When I am in desperate need of quiet time, I usually go prayer walking. For a beginner course on prayer walking, click here. There's a spot along our driveway that is the perfect place to sit, so I start there and pour my heart out to God. From there I pray for the highway at the bottom of our drive and the people who will come up that driveway to see us. I pray a hedge of protection around our property and ask God to keep evil away from it.

If you've prayer walked before, you might do your neighborhood, a downtown business area or around some of your local schools. You walk and pray for the people in each building, their families, the wisdom to do their jobs and their safety throughout the day. Walk as far as you want and pray for as long as you want - the Lord has no time limits.

But several weeks ago I realized that when I was prayer walking our property and home, I wasn't focusing very much on my husband. I desperately wanted to change that, and I've been asking God to soften my heart to his needs, desires and burdens. By thinking specifically about my husband as I walked through the house and our acreage, it was very clear how God wanted me to pray for him.

Here are just a few examples:

* The garage: Lord, I ask you to touch the work of my husband's hands. Let the projects in his wood shop be the best quality he can make, and may people want to make them a part of their own homes. Help him to keep our vehicles, his tools and the other equipment in the garages in good working order.

* The kitchen: Please have your hand on my husband's appetite. Give him cravings for good, healthy food, and remind me to keep it on hand so it will be available for him. Let us not be wasteful with our food, but may he enjoy what we have and never have to go without.

* The bedroom: Heavenly Father, I know that after a long, busy day of work, my husband needs time to rest and recuperate. Touch his mind and help him to quiet any racing thoughts. Relax his body and let him fall asleep quickly and easily. When you wake him in the morning, may he be rested and ready to start the day.

* The living room: Gracious God, give my husband the desire to read Your word, spend time alone with you and seek Your wisdom above all else. When he sits in his chair, draw him close to You and show him exactly what You want him know and apply to his life today.

* The basement: I pray today, Lord, that our home will be a place my husband would want to come to, a retreat where he could have fun, enjoy music, relax with a movie and a snack. Help him find happiness here, a true joy straight from You that this is where he belongs.

Take time today and spend a few minutes prayer walking with your husband in mind. Once you're done with the world he lives in, you can move on to his physical, spiritual, emotional and spiritual needs. Pray from the top of his head to the tips of his toes,.

* His head: Lord, give him Your wisdom, filling his mind with the knowledge and understanding that can only come from you. Give him clarity of thought and open his mind to your truth.

* His eyes: Remove any scales of lies or deceit that might cover them. God, please help him to focus his eyes on You, not allowing himself to look at anything vulgar, disrespectful to you or me, or that would not bring you honor and glory.

* His ears: May he be able to discern Your voice above all the noise of the world. My he listen, not just hear, when you speak. Tune his ears to hear you no matter where he is.

* His mouth: Let his words be kind, uplifting and full of your truth. Keep him from lies, half-truths, telling people what they want to hear or avoiding conversations.

* His heart: Lord, tune his heart to sing your praise. May it be a soft heart, one that is compassionate and loving, putting others above himself. Give him the right heart, a servant's heart, motivated to do Your will.

* His shoulders: Strengthen his shoulders so he can carry whatever challenges life gives him today. Help him to carry the responsibilities You have given him with joy and resolve, and encourage him to lay down any burdens that he is not to be shouldering at Your feet.

* His arms: May he use his arms to hold onto Your truth, wrap up those he loves and hold up the home he has created. Encourage him to work well with his arms, strength his arms and give his arms tenderness to be gentle with his loved ones.

* His hands: Bless his hands to work for You, that he would delight in his labor and develop many different skills. Convict him to work joyfully, using his hands to help and never hinder. Don't let his hands be idle, but be in motion for Your glory and honor.

* His legs: Give him the stamina he needs to not just survive the day but thrive in it. Strengthen his legs so he can run the race before him without growing weary or giving up in the face of exhaustion.

* His feet: Lord, allow him to root and ground himself in You, finding the firmest foundation upon Your word. Let his feet be quick to run from temptation, eager to chase after You and stand firm when patience and endurance are necessary.


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