A Weekend of Prayer Walking

This is my favorite part of our driveway - up the gravel and right before the curve that takes you to our house. It always makes me feel like I'm going to summer camp. If you roll the windows down, all you hear is leaves rustling and birds singing.

This is also one of the first places I pray for when I'm prayer walking. The hedge of protection that I pray around our property and throughout our home begins here ... from the very edge of where we live.

If you've never prayer walked before, it's a life-changing experience. I start at the bottom of the driveway and pray for the traffic that travels up and down the highway. I pray for our mailbox and mailman, asking God to protect whatever comes in the mail and for guidance to handle it.

Then I work my way up the driveway, asking the Lord to make it the most welcoming drive friends and family can have. I pray for everyone who drives up and down the drive, that they will be blessed while they're here and safe when they leave.

I had Danny make me a sketch of our house so I could prayer walk when it's too cold or I'm too sore to move. With this map, I can linger in each room and pray for God to use everything that happens in each to glorify Him. It takes a while some days, but the blessings are worth it.

Make this a weekend of prayer walking. Work your way around your little piece of the world, asking God to bless and keep it. Mention each room and building on your property, asking for the Lord's protection and His guidance in keeping them clean, organized and profitable to Him.

If you can't get outside, use a map or walk through it in your mind. The best part will be seeing the answered prayer down the road because of the time you spend now.


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