Wood Slice Alphabets

I had several tree cookies left over from my spring wreath, so I decided to put them to good use.

I had so much fun making, distressing and painting these alphabets. You can mix and match them for whatever words and phrases you want, and in any color scheme.

I started with a pile of tree cookies (tree slices) and lightly sanded the top.

With my circle cutter, I cut a circle from card stock that was slightly smaller than the average slice.

Then using a spray paint specially designed for wood, I sprayed a light coat over the negative space left by the circle. Don't hold the spray button all the way down or you get too much paint. You don't want a solid white circle or it won't look as rustic.

Once it was completely dry, I used a very rough sandpaper over the spray paint to distress it. The bottom row of slices are done, while the top row haven't been touched.

My scrapbooking supplies came in handy again, as I used one of my letter templates for the lettering. A light pencil line was all I needed to follow. Then I filled them in with paint.

I have three sets of words ready to go, and cutting more tree cookies is on the weekend schedule!


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