A Year Of Memories Handmade Scrapbook

It took me several weeks to get this beautiful remade scrapbook together to put in our Etsy shop, but it turned out so wonderful that I just had to share it with you. 

I used papers from this all season decorator paper pack, so all of the patterns and colors are already pre-coordinated. I love that. I love not thinking overly much.

Here is just a sampling of the pages: January ...

April ...

August ...

and I love how November turned out. 

To make my own cover, I took two pieces of cardboard that came from calendars and covered them in decorator paper. I cut the cardboard just slightly larger than the page protectors that would go inside. Another piece of coordinating decorator paper covers up most of the seams.

Then I printed out my cover words on the computer and added two embellished dragonflies raised on 3D adhesive. Tiny pearls complete the cover.

Here's another up-close view.

 The whole thing is held together with small binder rings, wrapped in leftover pieces of ribbon from my ribbon drawer. I love how this finished product looks, and you can find it here in our Etsy shop.

Now that this project is done, I'm ready to start the next one.


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