Sweet Succulents

 Spring has sprung with reckless abandon - and it's about time! Those of us who have been cooped up all winter are finally spreading our wings and enjoying the longer, sunnier days.

Spring also means the first trips of the year to the garden store. We have several in town, so there is a great variety to choose from. We're planning a couple of outdoor projects this summer, but first I had to do a little indoor gardening.

Now, I have an incredibly black thumb. In college, I killed a cactus. I think that explains it all.
But I love succulents, so planting some indoors was my first real act of spring.

You can plant succulents just about anywhere, so I pulled out a metal tea tin and one of my favorite cups. Now I'll have two amazing planters and one of my favorite Scriptures out all the time.

After filling them with potting soil, I broke apart the root balls on each succulent. They have a much better chance of surviving when their roots aren't all tight and knotted.

Read the tags on your plants carefully to find out just how much sun and water they need - each one is different, and it can make the difference between a plant that lasts a few weeks or many years to come.

So for now they're hanging out in our dining room bay window. Maybe they'll have some other little friends before the season ends!


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