The Property In Spring

Spring is an amazing time in southeast Iowa. After many, many weeks of cold and brown everywhere, everything is finally turning green.

I love the florescent green that pops out this time of year. The big pond has lots of algae around it, and this is one of the spots where the fish are spawning. We've already had some great fishing.

The trails are ready to be cleared out, as many trees have fallen during the winter and our first few spring storms.

Looking back across the big pond, you can see more of the trails.

There are all sorts of wildflowers out, catching the sunlight.

We're blessed with so many acres of trees, even if the beaver is determined to have his fair share of them.

This is his den. It's hidden down at the far end of the big pond.

Late afternoon is the perfect time to see how the sun hits the trees and the water.

And it's the perfect time to spend quiet time at my prayer bench. The view can't be beat.

Our pair of Canada geese couldn't agree more.

If this is what April holds for us, I can't wait to see what May has in store!


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