The Cover Of The Book That Is You

Imagine that God gives you a book at the beginning of your life with a simple command: Fill it.

Imagine that the blank pages are ready to be filled with your hopes, your dreams, your fears, your failures and every experience you experience along the way. Some pages will tell of love, others of sorrow and still others of joy unspeakable. And every word of every page will point to the glory of God.

But what about the cover? The cover of a book is what makes someone pick it up from the shelf in the first place. The cover is a snapshot of what's in store once you open it up.

What would your cover look like?

* The cover of your book sheds some light on who the author is. It describes her reason for writing, her inspiration and what point she's trying to convey to the world. Plain and simple, it tells why she's the perfect person to tell this story.

* The cover gives the title of the book. No two books have the same title, just as two people will never have the same story to tell. Short, sweet and to the point, this is the main point that you're presenting about your life.

* The cover of your book is an outer layer of protection. It keeps all the pages in order and keeps them from getting torn and soiled. It has to be sturdy enough to survive being dropped, stepped on, throw in a pile or shoved back on the shelf.

* The cover gives a quick synopsis of what's inside. In just a few words, it has to sum up everything from the first chapter to the last page. And it has to be presented in a way that peaks someone's interest enough to start reading.

The cover of the book that is your life is the first thing people see. They want to know what you're living, why you're living it and how it affects them. So if you're filling your book with words that glorify God, that's what will be on the cover of your book.

If someone who doesn't know you were to walk up to you and see the cover of the book of your life, what would they see? Would they know immediately that the author is a child of God, or would they wonder? Would they clearly see the title, or would it be a little fuzzy around the edges.

You are the only one who can fill the book of life that God has given you. And you are the only one who can design the cover because it's so completely you.

What does your cover look like?


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