Sunday Sketch

There are days that even the most seasoned crafters needs some new ideas. We all have favorite layouts, papers and embellishments that we return to time and again, but something fresh gives us a little creative jumpstart.

This sketch was one of those jump starts for me. I wanted something I would never normally do, and this was definitely our of my comfort zone.

To begin with, I don't normally put all of my elements on one side, but a busy pattern on the center strip helps balance it out. The only thing that's really "me" is all the layers.

I used papers I would normally shy away from - they're not my favorite colors, but they combined perfectly. In fact, I'm planning to use them more often now that I know how well they coordinate.

Also, I really liked how the ink-distressed edges softened the whole card. Normally I wouldn't use this technique on a light color, but here it was the perfect touch.

Give this sketch a try this week and let me know how it turns out.

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