Sunday Sketch

 This is such a fun sketch to play with! And it's perfect for just about any theme, giving you four accents to play with.

The two background layers gives you a color to tie things together. The top one is cut to stick out on the sides of the patterned paper, which can be as busy or as reserved as you'd like.

For accents, pick combinations that you can alternate. Images and words can make for a striking presentation when used together.

That's what I did with this example. The white and aqua are the same colors found in the glittered, textured patterned paper running down the middle. I made it a little wider than what I drew in the sketch so there would be more of the glitter stripes.

The snowflakes are all layered as well, adding even more dimension. They came from different sets, but they're still in the same color family. The phrase is stamped, so I was able to use the same blue as in the patterned paper, too. And mixing together the words and snowflakes as my four elements made it much prettier to look at.

Do you have some winter-themed supplies you could do this with? How about Christmas? The possibilities are endless, and they'll never look exactly the same when you change things up a little.

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