Just Care

A couple of days ago, I stopped caring about something.

It was only briefly, but I just stopped caring.

I was tired, and I was sad, and I was discouraged and I was angry.

So I made the choice to just stop caring.

The devil whispers in that tiny little voice of his - no one else cares, so why should you?

Would you believe that was the most miserable I've ever felt in my entire life? Not caring is the most empty, depressing, evil feeling in the entire world.

I don't want to not care. Danny says that if I stop caring, I'm not being who I am. I'm not being the woman God made me to be if I stop caring.

I refuse to go against who God wants me to be.

I don't want to be so uncaring and so unfeeling that He can't use me anymore. I don't want to have hardened my heart so much that I'm not usable.

Once I put my heart and soul back into that thing that I stopped caring about, the difference was like night and day. A weight has been lifted and I can breathe again. The peace that I had lost during that short period of time returned.

Please - I pray that if you're carrying around the evil, ugly baggage of not caring, if you've given up and decided not to care about something, that you'll change your mind. And change your heart.

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. 1 Peter 5:7

If my God cares, shouldn't I? Shouldn't you? Shouldn't we all?

Just care.


  1. Praise the Lord, Jessica. So glad you found a blessing here.

    Please know I'm praying special for you right now.

    In His love,


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