A Mini Album For Your Pocketbook

As you think about Christmas, stocking stuffers and DIY, this mini album is the perfect project to combine all three. It's simple enough that the kids can help you make several and personalize them for the recipient.

You'll need:
One piece of card stock
Three pieces of decorator paper
Several flat embellishments

Start by cutting the card stock into a 4x11 inch rectangle. If you have a scoring blade, score it at the 2-, 5- and 8-inch marks. If you don't have a scoring blade, mark those measurements and use a metal ruler to fold on the three lines. This will give you three equal sections and one slightly smaller. The smaller one will be the front flap.

Cut each of the three patterned papers into 2.75x7.5 inch rectangles. Fold each on in half. I rounded the corners, but you can decorate them as you like.

In the second section (the first large panel), attach the ribbon with adhesive. You want it to be behind the patterned paper so it won't show.

Attach one patterned piece to each of the larger sections of the card stock. Alternate them as I did here, or keep them all facing the same direction - it's up to you and your creativity. You can also use decorative scissors to trim the cover panel, add flat embellishments like the die cuts here or you can do some other decoration as you'd like. Just don't make them too high or the album won't close very well.

Then use the remaining decorator paper to cover the outside panels. If you want to use 3D embellishments, these are the panels you want to play with. You can either add your own pictures or leave the pages blank for the recipient to put in their own.

Finish by folding it all up and tying it closed.

For more ideas on cards and paper crafts or to find this mini album, check out our Etsy shop at stufffromtrees.etsy.com.


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