Getting Rid Of Carpet Divots

This week I rearranged the living room furniture to make room for the Christmas tree. In addition to the tennis ball Sadie had misplaced ages ago, I also found several carpet divots. Those are the indentations left by something heavy on your carpet, which I thought you could just vacuum out over time. Trust me ... that doesn't work.

Here's what does work - ice cubes. Pictured here are two of the divots left by my side table. You can clearly see the one on the left, including a divot within a divot, and the ice is in the other one.

Fill the divot with ice cubes and then let them melt. This may take a few hours, especially during winter. You can either sit and watch them melt, which is a lot like watching paint dry, or you can go on with your day.

Once the ice has melted, use a clean, dry cloth to fluff the area. You're not trying to soak up all the moisture, just get the wet carpet fibers to stand back up. They'll dry on their own and be all fluffy again.

Now I just have to do this 11 more times and the carpet will be back to normal. Until after Christmas when I move everything back.


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